Hot Photo Gallery Plugin

All you need to make a WordPress site with galleries of images is Hot Photo Gallery plugin. If you install it using HotStart method, our Photo Gallery plugin ($15 value) will be installed as well.

Upload images for Gallery in a folder on your server (using WordPress Media Manager or FTP). Make sure the folder is writable. Make a page or post in WordPress (like this one) with or without text and use this shortcode:


You would remove the *’s in practice as they are included to actually prevent the plugin from working in this place..

Our plugin will do the rest for you. What it does?

  • Automatically makes thumbnail images and save them in /thumbs subfolder of your folder with images. You select thumbnail image width in the plugin properties, default is 200 (Settings > Hot Photo Gallery Plugin Settings).
  • Replaces your snippet with a series of thumbnail images. You select how many images per row in the plugin properties, default is 3.
  • Create Lightbox slideshow. Click on any thumbnail will open larger image in Lightbox pop-up. User can browse images (prev/next) in the pop-up.